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6 Major Advantages of Living in a High-rise Building in The East Village

Empire State Building

by JStudios

The East Village has something for everyone. There is a home for every kind of individual, young or old, hippies, yuppies, or rockers. There’s plenty to see being so close it all, from downtown, restaurants, bars. In a word – awesome when it comes to places to be in New York City, especially if you work in the city and want to save yourself some commute time.

Living in the East Village means apartment living, and there’s plenty of variety. There are plenty of pre-war walkups, but if you’re looking for easy living, you’ll want to look to living in a high-rise building in the East Village. For anyone outside of New York City, living in a high-rise in the East Village is unlike apartment living anywhere else. From small to vast or from simple to opulent, living in a high-rise in East Village is an address in demand. Here are some major advantages of living in a high-rise building in the East Village.

1. Peace and security

When looking to relocate to any new neighborhood in the city, one of the first things that come to mind is feeling at peace about safety and security. Details of how that peaceful feeling is maintained are one of the most important factors of deciding on a new address in the East Village, or anywhere for that matter. Security is a top item on the checklist of the advantages of living in a high-rise building in the East Village.

Many of the high-rise buildings in the East Village employ doormen and install cameras, and address potential risks as they are observed. These measures are in effect to prevent burglars, solicitors, squatters, and other undesirables from entering the building and disturbing the residents. They also patrol the immediate outside of the building, chasing away loiters and other hagglers from adding stress on the residents.

2. Convenience and amenities

Living in a high-rise in the East Village is like living in an exclusive city within the city because of all of the amenities and conveniences available to the building residents. I’m talking a lot more than laundry facilities and exercise room. This secret world might include swimming pools, party rooms, gaming halls, cafeterias, full-service gym, and shared common spaces like a lounge or rooftop deck. All of these amenities not only serve as a convenience to the residents but also create a sense of community between those living in the high-rise in the East Village.

For instance, Avalon Bowery Place’s amenities include a fitness center, a lounge will billiards, a full-service valet that will gladly accept your packages, a billiard lounge, and covered parking. On the rooftop, you will find lounge seating, a fire pit, and heaters for chilly evenings. Other amenities on the roof are grills and picnic tables in the landscaped BBQ area, all for the pleasure of the residents.

3. Architectural and other Aesthetics

For those who crave a modern vibe, the high-rises in the East Village do not disappoint. The architecture and modern look of the high-rise buildings make even the residents in the smaller apartments feel rich in an East Village high-rise. Some of the best architects in the world built many of the high-rises in the East Village with exquisite details. Some architects added aesthetic details right down to individual rooms in each apartment.

4. Facilities and Services

Beyond the amenities we already highlighted, let’s talk about some of the chores that those living in high-rise apartments in the East Village need not be concerned with doing themselves. Thanks to the building management, living in some of the high-rise apartments are as comfortable and stress-free as you could possibly get. Things like moving furniture, fixing the stove, taking out the garbage and calling a plumber are handled by the building management. Some even take care of your packing and unpacking! If you are considering the East Village high-rise apartments for your next address, these are some key questions to ask as you start apartment hunting.

5. Energy efficiency and conservation

The idea of energy efficiency is something rarely mentioned, so we’ll do so right here. Think of a free-standing single-family residence in the wintertime. They must insulate their homes to prevent the heat from escaping and being wasted. When living in a high-rise with a shared source of energy, your apartment is insulated by surrounding apartments on each side, above and below. Your neighbors are also heating their apartment homes, so that heat, if anything, is contributing to the consistent comfort in your home. The same occurs in the summertime with cooling.

6. Killer views

There are advantages all around with the views when living in a high rise in the East Village. One particular advantage of living in the lower levels of a high-rise that residents boast about is being able to gauge how to dress by how they see others dressed walking by on the street. The architects of the high-rises in the East Village had stunning views in mind as they designed these high-rises, too. Those on the upper floors enjoy these views daily of the water, or the cityscape if they are up high enough. Many residents report that there are very few “bad views” when living in the high-rise buildings in the East Village.

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