Moving Advice

Dog friendly moving tips

Dog on welcome mat

by Paul Lenkiewicz

If you are planning a move in New York City and have a dog, it’s important to factor your four-legged friend into your move. The first step is to check your lease or purchase agreement to make sure that your new home is dog-friendly and that your dog fits within any breed and size requirements. Once you’re good to go – preparing your dog to move to a new apartment or house may require some additional time and effort on your part, so be sure to factor this into your moving timeline.

Frank Bonomo, Founder and Head Trainer of Best Friend’s Dog Training reminds us that while moving can be fun and exciting for the humans, it’s not the same for dogs. He offers these tips to make moving with a dog in New York City a lot less stressful: Be prepared for house training and house manners to go backwards; a helpful solution for this is confining your dog to a comfortable space or crate. This is a moving tip you can begin practicing before you move into your new home!

When packing for your move to include your dog’s favorite bed or toys, dogs don’t always recognize items that may be a new version of their own. Bonomo also recommends increasing the activity level of your dogs, including additional walks. This will help your dog reduce their stress level and burn energy during your move. Use the New York City Parks website and resources like Bring Fido to find dog-friendly parks and areas to explore in your new neighborhood. You may also want to find a friend that your dog already knows and loves to help you out that day — lots of water, extra walks and attention can make the move happier for EVERY member of your family.

Remember, moving is a transition time for both you and your dog, so patience and routine will ultimately help shape the experience into a positive one.