Gramercy is one of New York’s hottest neighborhoods to move to. Here is why

by Paul Lenkiewicz

Introduction to Gramercy Neighborhood of NYC - all you need to know if you want to move

Thinking of moving or relocating to Gramercy New York? Well, it’s time to contact a mover since this is one of those places you could never be wrong about! I mean, Gramercy is arguably one of New York’s City’s most serene and tranquil places to live. To those who have visited or lived in the neighborhood, it is an oasis of serenity adorned by uniquely designed and meticulously planned architecture that permeates the entire neighborhood. As a result, it is the most exclusive and reputable residential area in all of Manhattan, attracting several prominent figures and celebrities. Even so, relocating there is not as easy it seems due to the high demand for apartments and houses. There are many movers in NYC on CityMove who can help you get into your dream home.

Is Moving to Gramercy Safe?

Gramercy is one of the safest NYC Neighborhoods to move to
East 19th Street – One of the safest and best Streets to move to in Gramercy

Well, Gramercy is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC so you rest guaranteed for your security and safety if you move there. The tranquil and safe streets allow for invigorating strolls to Gramercy Park. While dining, shopping, and entertainment can be seamlessly sought in the nearby neighborhoods of Flatiron District and East Village. Easily accessible but separate from the bustling Manhattan, Gramercy is a perfect escape for the seekers of peace, the lovers of elegance, and those who adore living a “high life”.


Gramercy Crime Statistics

Average Rent Prices Review

Renting in NYC can be difficult, but moving services are easy with CityMove
Gramercy Apartments: The rhythm and massing of the zinc and brick facades respond to the avenue and side street contexts making it one of the best places to move to in NYC

Unlike most places in the US, zoning laws are so flexible such that the tallest building in Gramercy is tops at 20 stories. The largest private residence in the area is a 42 room mansion that sold for over $7 million back in 1993. Famous for its privately-owned lush parks and stylish townhouses, this picturesque and exquisite neighborhood is certainly not cheap. It’s a haven for the wealthy with several prominent figures and celebrities residing in its stylish classic houses.

If you have the money and are contemplating moving to Gramercy, getting an apartment or house can be a daunting and intimidating endeavor. However, you can hire movers to simplify the relocation process. Fortunately, getting moving quotes is easy since the area boasts some of the cheapest and best moving companies in the whole of New York City. But before you can start looking for movers, here is a brief breakdown of average rent prices.

Affordable Apartment movers can be found on CityMove

Transportation in Gramercy

Transportation services in NYC
Buses with free WIFI make moving around Gramercy and its surrounding neighborhoods a breeze

How easy is it to move around Gramercy? Well, this is an easily accessible place within a few blocks from Yorktown Heights, Yorktown, and Chelsea neighborhoods which have access to subway lines and CitiBike services. This strategic location makes it easy to commute to work, entertainment joints, stores, schools, and other lively places in Manhattan.

Due to the availability of good road networks, Gramercy has some of the best movers where you can get cheap moving quotes.  These are some of the ways you can use to move around Gramercy and its neighborhood:

  • Subway: Midtown Manhattan is approximately 15 minutes away from Gramercy via train stop number 6 located at Park Avenue South and 23rd Street. From Union Square, you can board train numbers 6, 5, 4, Q, N, L, and R.
  • Buses also provide transportation in the area. Some of the routes include M102, M103, M2, M3, M1, M101, and M15.
  • Movers: Some of the buildings are older, so hiring a mover to navigate the service entrance and parking is recommended for Gramercy. CityMove offers a unique NYC experience shopping for NYC Movers

Movers are recommended for Gramercy neighborhood, due to complicated service entrances and difficult truck parking

Some of the best NYC restaurants are in Gramercy

Gramercy Hotel is a NYC staple
The Gramercy hotel: Access Gramercy Park for free by booking a room at this grand and historic hotel

One more reason you should move to Gramercy, NYC is the wide array of entertainment joints and restaurants where you can relax after a busy day of work. Home to some of Manhattan’s finest upscale dining spots, Gramercy comes with a wide array of restaurants where you can sample local and exotic cuisines.

  • Gramercy Park Hotel: If you want to enjoy a meal or drink while relishing the spectacular backdrop of Gramercy Park, visit the Gramercy Park hotel but be sure to make reservations in advance since the place is always packed with revelers.
  • Gramercy Kitchen: Another popular dining spot is Gramercy kitchen. This is an up class and spacious eatery frequented by celebrities so might it is not uncommon to bump into one of your idols. For the lovers of coffee. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters will quench your thirst with an above-average cup of Joe.
  • Gramercy Tavern has stood the test of time since 1994 to become one of the most coveted restaurants in the whole of Manhattan. Once inside, sit back, relax, and focus on savoring the rustic fare of its wood-burning grill. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it is a 5-star hotel where gratuity is part of the bill

Why are so many people moving to Gramercy?

A view of Gramercy Park from the top of Gramercy Hotel, NYC

Chances are, the reason you want to move to Gramercy is its stunning, glamorous, and private Gramercy Park. The problem is, getting access is difficult since there are only 400 coded and numbered keys in circulation and they are difficult to copy and hard. However, by renting a room in the Gramercy Park Hotel, you can easily get access since the hotel gives keys to its guests.

If that’s not interesting enough for you, explore Gramercy’s art scenes like the Sidney Mishkin Gallery located in Baruch College, or the National Art Club. For theatrical and musical performances, look no further than the Gramercy Theater and l the Players Club. You can also laugh your lungs out at the nearby comedy club The Stand. But that’s not just it! There is also a rich nightlife culture.

Gramercy NYC Nightlife

Gramercy Tavern: A perfect place to blow off steam when you move to Gramercy NYC

If you are looking for a neighborhood where you can get a beer, or go dancing after work, it’s time to contact a Mover in NYC and move to Gramercy. There is no shortage of bars here. Some of the most popular nightlife joints in the area include Club Pilates, Gramercy Park Hotel, Gramercy Tavern, Eataly, Ampersand, and Irving Gramercy among many others.

School Information

Perhaps the best school to enroll your children after moving to Gramercy

If you have school-going children, find solace in knowing that moving to Gramercy will the best decision for children. I mean, with public and private schools that offer all levels of education. The performance is also above average compared to the national level.

If you have kids, moving to Gramercy will not be an issue. Schools are fantastic.
  • Elementary: Students at elementary grades are zoned for Augustus Saint-Gaudens which is a public school located at 319 east, 19th Street. The school is host to over 600 students from preschool to Grade 5. According to New York’s, Quality assurance standards, 73$ of its students in 2018 achieved state standards. This is an above-average performance compared to the national 30%.
  • Middle school students in 6 to 8 are served by Simon Baruch located at 330 East 21st Street. It boasts a huge enrollment of over 1000 students and in 2018, 53% of the students achieved state standards. This is also an outstanding performance compared to the national performance of just 30%.
  • Special needs schools: Gramercy School caters to preschool students with special needs offering a wide array of language-based curriculum and therapeutic services. The staff and student population are very diverse and the classes are also designed to cater to Spanish speaking students.

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