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Hello Philadelphia – Find the best movers on CityMove


by Paul Lenkiewicz

Hi Philly. You’re awesome. You deserve an innovative moving app… so I introduce to you CityMove – an app that has thrived among savvy New Yorkers for 17 years. We are launching in Philadelphia!

My name is Paul and I grew up in Brooklyn and have spent the last 7 years experiencing Philly. I have seen Brooklyn transform in the ‘10s, and then I came to Philly and have been seeing it happen here. Philly you have grown up, and so did your housing market. It’s time for the moving process to be done efficiently.

Since I live in Philly full time, I want to bring our awesome app to Philadelphia. The way it works is you visit our website on your mobile or desktop device, then follow our self-explanatory onboarding flow. Provide CityMove with your contact info, addresses, list of items and a description of the move, and top Philadelphia movers will be put on notice. They will place their best bids and you can watch them as they compete to win your business.

CityMove homepage
Use CityMove to find moving companies in the Philadelphia area

You will receive bids from moving companies within hours and can compare them apples to apples as they are all based on the same information you provided on CityMove. Read reviews, compare prices and availability, and select the mover you like best. No obligation. No cost. Not even a credit card. Last but not least, CityMove will keep your contact information private from everyone involved, until you select a winner.

If you are a mover, contact us and let’s talk about getting you involved in the platform. You need to put in honest bids and do good work, and you will start building a reputation based on reviews and win jobs in the Philadelphia area. 

If you are looking for movers, let’s get your move posted and let’s explore the best Philly movers together.