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Remember CityMove? We are back with a new version of the platform and under new ownership!

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by Paul Lenkiewicz

What's new?

My name is Paul and I am the new owner of As an avid fan of the way Citymove solves the pain of looking for a mover, I have been trying to get involved with the platform for over 5 years. I am pleased to announce that an opportunity presented itself to take over the reins and I have recently purchased the company. I led the charge to rebuild the website, and we are proud to present to you the first iteration of the new version. It is a constant work in progress and I would love to get feedback from the loyal CityMove users of the past and present.

Citymove loves their users

Why CityMove?

1) Citymove is completely free.
CityMove is always 100% free to you. No credit card or other payment details ever required.

2) Your privacy is protected.
Avoid spam calls and emails. Until confirmed, we don’t send any personal moving information to the movers. Shop without sharing your address and phone number!

3) Efficiency.
One form and ~5 minutes to send your information to dozens of hand-picked movers. Why call them all individually?

4) 100% verified reviews.
Unlike other platforms, 100% of reviews on CityMove are from real customers who used the movers. You can even view move details without personal information. No fake reviews!

5) Great quotes.
Movers compete to offer you their best possible prices, bidding lower for your move based on their availability. When movers compete, you win.

What’s next?

We are dedicated to improving our platform. We listen to user’s feedback and strive to create a fair environment for a smooth transaction. I am personally involved with each job posting, helping to facilitate conversation and provide support. The Citymove experience gets better each day as we understand what drives the users and the movers.

With over 35,000 users and 60,000 jobs posted, we want to lean on the community to help us. Spread the word about the new version of a great tool you have used in the past. Follow us on social media, bookmark our email and share it with friends when they are looking for movers.

Do you think you can make the new version better? Tweet @citymovedotcom, message me on facebook, or email and let me know what we can do. If you are as passionate about the platform as I am, let’s connect – I will gladly buy you coffee and listen to anything and all related to CityMove!

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