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Superb Moving – Featured CityMover from November 2019

Superb Moving Team

by Paul Lenkiewicz

CityMove’s success has always been directly tied to the quality and commitment of the moving companies on the platform. In the last 10 years alone, nearly 4000 companies have tried to join us, but in order to keep the quality of services offered as high as possible we have been extremely selective with how we screen and allow companies to join. The newest mover to become active on the platform in 2019 is called Superb Moving – they have signed up in 2015, and after four years we are proud to welcome them as another active mover to compete and earn your business on CityMove. If you are interested in getting a quote from SuperB Moving and other NYC moving companies, start by posting your project.

Superb Moving is a licensed and insured moving company based in Brooklyn, NY. The company boasts 4.5 star rating on Google. According to the company snapshot, they operate 8 trucks. The interstate license number (MC #) is 899918 and their NY state license number is 39376 which can be verified on the NYS DOT website. The company has a strong presence online, and you can find out more about them by viewing their CityMover profile. You can also visit their website at or call them at 718-383-0303.

Sun or snow, Superb Moving strives to impress!
Sun or snow, Superb Moving strives to impress!

Superb offers flat rate quotes

Superb is a good fit for CityMove, because they boast their dedication to guaranteed pricing. The price you are quoted is the price you pay at the end which has been the mantra of CityMove for over 15 years. Moving can be unpredictable and time-consuming, so it takes years of experience to develop a system to properly price moves out based on a flat rate basis. Many moving companies may not like to follow the guaranteed pricing model that CityMove is all about. It requires a well planned and executed move to be successful, particularly when you have to compete with other movers to earn the job. According to Dan, the sales manager at Superb, “offering dependable service delivered by the hands of experienced and highly trained professional movers, who are using the latest technology to ensure the safety and security of our client’s belongings allows us to offer guaranteed pricing.”

Long-distance, storage and full service packing and unpacking services

Are you moving long distance? That’s not a problem for SuperB. They offer moving services from the Greater NYC area within a 250 radius that includes Washington DC, Boston, and Philadelphia. Same day delivery possible and Superb offers full-service storage facility solutions at a reasonable price point to give our clients access to secure, affordable storage options.

As a full service moving and storage company, they can take care of everything or you can pack and they will do the pickup. The spacious and secure facilities will give you peace of mind, and the additional space you require. Superb will keep track of your precious belongings with an itemized inventory of everything moved into storage. The professional operations team will also provide you with an inventory of your items, making it easy for you to remember what you keep in storage. When you are ready to receive your items, Superb can deliver them to your doorstep.

In addition to long-distance and storage services, Superb can also take care of your packing and unpacking needs, as well as provide materials to get the job done. Packing can actually be one of the most time-consuming elements of relocation, particularly for people with small children who do not have the luxury of living our of boxes for days before the moving day, and for a while after the moving day. Keeping your baby safe, and your apartment organized is your responsibility – Superb can take on the responsibility of packing your belongings up for the move.

Experienced crews that know what they are doing
Experienced crews that know what they are doing

Ready to book your move?

The best way to get the lowest prices in NYC is by using the CityMove platform. Visit CityMove NYC, and watch as movers such as Superb compete to earn your business. You will need to spend approximately 5 minutes building out your inventory and providing us with the information for your move (your contact information, addresses, walk up details, etc.). Once your post is completed you’ve done all the heavy lifting. Dozens of top rated NYC movers will review your information and put in their lowest quote. The best part is that your personal information (email, phone number, exact address) are hidden from the movers, which evens the playing field. After approximately 36 hours, you should have between 4 and 8 moving quotes, at which point locking in the quoted price is as simple as pressing the “Accept Bid” button.

Happy moving!