Tips on moving to Murray Hill in Manhattan NYC

by Paul Lenkiewicz

Moving to Murray Hill Park Avenue

Murray Hill is a very popular midtown Manhattan neighborhood particularly among young adults and working professionals. Proximity to many company headquarters makes it easy to commute to work. There are many fun bars and exquisite restaurants around the neighborhood. If you are considering moving to Murray Hill, read on to find out about neighborhood fun spots, and what to expect after you have moved in.

Location and getting around

As with most Manhattan neighborhoods, there is some dispute as to the exact boundaries. Especially with popular neighborhoods such as Murray Hill, people may sometimes stretch the lines, but generally accepted knowledge is that Murray Hill is between 34th and 42nd streets, stretching from Madison Avenue to the East River. The area is bordering Kips Bay on its southern border, Midtown South to the west, East River to the east, and Midtown East to the north.

Midtown as a whole has great options for commuters, and Murray Hill is no different. Grand Central is on 42nd Street and Park Avenue, which has access to the 4, 5, 6, 7, and S trains. On 33rd street and Park Ave, you will find the 6 train station. The MTA bus routes are even more impressive. There is a bus route going East-West on 34th street and on 42nd street, moving back and forth between East River and the Hudson. There is a North-South bus route on each of the 4 major avenues that do not have a train: 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue and Lexington Ave! With dedicated bus lanes, these routes have become a lot more efficient in recent years – even during rush hour.

In addition, you can move around the neighborhood easily using numerous CityBike stations. For those who like to drive, Murray Hill is on the border of two entrances for the FDR: 34th street and 42nd street. Beware! If you are first moving to the neighborhood, moving trucks are not allowed on the FDR, and you may get pulled over, or worse, hit an overpass getting on or off. Luckily, professional movers know how to get around to Murray Hill, so feel free to use CityMove to book the best movers in NYC.

The fun stuff about Murray Hill

The huge supply of small, relatively affordable apartments in Murray Hill has attracted a lot of young adults and working professionals to the neighborhood. In order to cater to the demographic, most city blocks are littered with bars and restaurants and you will find happy hour specials everywhere you look. Some of the most popular neighborhood spots include:

Hole in the Wall, located at 445 East 34th Street, New York, NY

Agave Murray Hill, located at 166 East 33rd Street, New York, NY

Joshua Tree, located at 513 Third Avenue, New York, NY

Some of the best restaurants in Murray Hill, according to online reviews are, Franchia Vegan Café, Rossini’s and Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner. Considering the amazing density of highly rated establishments in this part of Manhattan, you can find an impressive restaurant to try by walking down just about any block. One of my personal favorites is Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Shop – located at 432 3rd Ave, which most would agree is just a little too south to be considered Murray Hill, is just a short walk away.

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One of many typical Murray Hill brownstones

Murray Hill News

As with most neighborhoods, you can find local news stories for Murray Hill.  The ABC7 website has a subcategory for Murray Hill only news here. You can find the Murray Hill Neighborhood association website here. CBS has their own news rendition, which you can find here. If you are on the fence about moving to Murray Hill, you can read this interesting discussion on reddit about moving to Murray Hill. If it is your first time moving to NYC, Murray Hill is one of the safer neighborhoods in the city – and most buildings have a doorman keeping an eye in your building. Relocation to Manhattan can be stressful and expensive regardless of which neighborhood you select, but according to rentcafe, Murray Hill is in the top 30th percentile of cheapest neighborhoods in Manhattan. Don’t worry about packing up your life and moving to Murray Hill, there are many cheap movers that can help you get settled in your new apartment.


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