Your guide to living in Astoria, Queens

by JStudios

The New York City area is booming and because of that, so are the surrounding neighborhoods. One of these neighborhoods is Astoria, Queens.

If you go back in time when many immigrants first came to the United States, Astoria is where a large number of them set their roots. Since then, not much has changed in the sense that it’s still a neighborhood with a rich and varied mix of cultures. Additionally, within the past few years, young adults in the age range of 20 to30 have discovered this area because of its affordability. While this neighborhood is not as expensive as other areas in the city, it’s definitely not lacking in any way. The culture is there, which brings some of the best food you can find; it also offers convenient transportation, a close-knit community, and a great place for kids to grow up.

If you are new to the Astoria neighborhood, welcome! It’s a choice you won’t regret and you will soon begin to feel right at home. Here is a guide for living in the neighborhood.

The Food and Bar Scene

The food scene is one of the best in the NYC area, which is why it only makes sense to address this topic first. Astoria has a strong reputation for its Greek food. In fact, it’s actually referred to as the Greek capital of NYC. Since 1996, Taverna Kyclades has been serving customers exceptional family dishes. If you enjoy Greek food, this will probably turn into one of your regular dinner spots. If Greek food is not your taste don’t worry – t here are plenty of other types of foods for you to choose from.

In fact, as more and more newcomers make their way to the area, it has also built itself a reputation for fine dining and innovative food experiences.

Astoria also has plenty of spots for fun. Whether you want to meet friends and family for a night out or a co-worker after a long day at work, there are lots of places to choose from. The Local is a great spot for a casual, fun night out and then there is the Mosaic Craft Beer and Wine which offers a more intimate setting. Astoria is also home to the last big beer garden left in New York City, Bohemian Hall. Bohemian Hall is a great place to spend your days off with family and friends. Relax under the shady trees, grab a picnic table and enjoy a cool brew.


Transportation in Astoria and pretty much all of NYC is so important mainly because most people do not have their own vehicles. That being said, transportation in this neighborhood is very convenient. The N and W subways will take you to Midtown Manhattan in less than 15 minutes. There is also a new ferry stop in the area which travels to Roosevelt Island and a few areas in Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you are a frequent traveler, it’s important to note that a quick bus ride (the M60 bus) takes you directly to LaGuardia airport. Does it get much better than this?


When you live in the heart of the city, you forget what the rest of the world looks like outside of the concrete jungle. When you live in Astoria, you don’t really get that feeling. There is a park that offers incredible views of Manhattan. You get a beautiful view of the city, the water and green space. This makes a great place to run, walk your dogs or take your children.

The Atmosphere

We all know New York City can be fast paced and because of that, it’s not uncommon to not know your neighbors. Some people love the fast paced, New York life, but for those who appreciate more of a community feel, you will be right at home in the small neighborhood of Astoria. Astoria has always been a close-knit community, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. There are families who have lived in the neighborhood for generations but don’t let this intimidate you. They will probably give you a big hug as they welcome you into the neighborhood or even invite you over to their Sunday family dinner!


Astoria is not your stereotypical luxury neighborhood, but people are still flooding to the area. Rent in New York City, Manhattan specifically, continues to rise, causing more and more people to come to little neighborhoods like Astoria. This area is a true gem. While it might not have the luxurious high rises, you are close to Manhattan, surrounded by incredible food and culture, great people and plenty of things to do. You can’t go wrong in this area.

Many people move to Astoria due to the affordability. Rent is outrageous in other areas of the city, especially for adults in their 20s who are just starting out their career. If you want to live in the city without breaking the bank, Astoria is a wonderful place to consider calling home.

An Icon of the Neighborhood

Astoria is also home to the great Museum of the Moving Arts. This museum is the only museum in the entire country that is dedicated to the art, history, technique and technology of the moving image in all its forms. People come from all over to enjoy this destination. It’s an interactive exhibit for people of all ages to enjoy!

New York City is growing and busier than ever, but can you recall a time that it wasn’t? Of course not! This city is unlike any other city in the world and offers so much opportunity. According to Bloomberg, nearly 277 people move to the area each day. Needless to say, finding the right place to move is so important…especially when it comes to rent and your budget.

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