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Your Guide to Moving in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Stoops in Brooklyn

by JStudios

So you’re ready to move to the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, Good for you! Park Slope is sought after for its safety, beautiful parks, and excellent public and private schools.

Young professionals, new grads and families all call Brooklyn home. Many come from all over the US and the globe, making a city that celebrates diversity.

Brooklyn once had an unsavory reputation as one of the dangerous boroughs in NYC. Today, people are moving to Brooklyn for its vibrant and peaceful family living. More than anything, the people of Brooklyn do not fit into any one stereotype.

As one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods, the people of Park Slope joke about stroller-dodging on the sidewalks through the neighborhood. Sunday stroller brigade aside, Park Slope is a heaven for families and single young professionals alike. Remember – no one stereotype applies. Park Slope is full of opportunities, making it one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Average Rent Prices Review

You’ll find the highest rents in the northern areas of Park Slope and those close to Prospect Park West. You can find better deals in South Slope and closer to Fourth Avenue, bordering by Gowanus. The demand for apartments is high, so expect to pay a brokers fee.

Studio apartments average around $2,060, and one-bedrooms will expect to pay $2,570. Two bedrooms price jumps to $3,230, and three-bedroom apartments cost approximately $4,100.

Things to do in Park Slope

Once you get your new home unpacked, it’s time to start exploring your neighborhood. There is plenty in Park Slope to offer for everyone’s definition of fun.


Brooklyn’s got a night life and a Brooklyn nightlife guide to show you all of the best places if that’s your scene. Remembering that this is also a neighborhood for families, there are plenty of other activities outside of the nightlife scene.

Park Slope has a park

Of course it has a park! Park Slope is framed by Prospect Park, a lovely little green space to relax, bring the kids, enjoy your surroundings and chill. This description is in high contrast to the busy, crowded Central Park full of tourists. Prospect Park also has a zoo where all are welcome, and don’t forget to see Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Park Slope has culture

If you’re looking to avoid all of the hipsters at the MET, check out the Brooklyn Museum, instead. You’ll find a variety of rotating exhibits that one will catch your interest. Because Park Slope is a family-oriented neighborhood, there is the Puppetwoks Theatre to delight the kiddos.

Park Slope has shopping

The face of Park Slope is just a stroll down 5th Avenue, where you can shop, enjoy a beverage, or grab a bite at many of the eateries in the area.

Every Saturday at Grand Army Plaza, there is a huge farmer’s market. As you stroll through the park in the warm months, you’ll find street fairs along the way.

Pro-tips for newcomers

As a newcomer to Park Slope, we offer you a couple of tips to get acquainted.

Ditch your car

The bad news is what a hassle it is to own a car living in Brooklyn. First of all, finding a parking space is like a quest for the Holy Grail, and it will never be anywhere near you live or work. There are garage spaces available for rent, but they can be as expensive as an apartment.

The good news is that Park Slope, like much of Brooklyn, is incredibly connected. There are great connections to all other parts of New York City, so even without a car, there are plenty of ways to reach your destination with much fewer headaches. All around the neighborhood is access to trains and buses for easy commutes into the city and other parts of Brooklyn. Another amenity to get around is Citi-bike stations scattered all around the neighborhood.

Do not travel alone

This advice has nothing to do with crime. It has more to do with the family atmosphere of Park Slope. It’s hard to blend in without children or at least a spouse. If you are a single adult, walking a dog is an excellent way to fit in with the families and may help you meet a few new friends.

Familiar names and faces in Park Slope

Many famous names and faces have called (or still call) Park Slope home, living a simple, traditional life over the glitz and glamour we might expect.

Fun Fact: Former President Barack Obama lived in a top-floor brownstone in Park Slope on 2nd street in the early 1980’s. That was pre-Michelle, and he shared his apartment with Genevieve cook, his girlfriend at the time.

Celebrities living in the Park Slope neighborhood:

Park Slope – Brooklyn schools

The biggest draw for families to Park Slope is the excellent public schools. This fact is especially true and noticed of the elementary and middle schools. The majority of Park Slope resides within the Brooklyn school district 15. A small area belongs to district 13.

Because of the high performing public schools, the neighborhood of Park Slope hasn’t expressed a need for charter schools like other neighborhoods in the city. While there are no charter schools near Park Slope, there are charter choices around other parts of district 15 if you’d like to explore something special for your child.

In addition to public schools, there are several private schools in the Park Slope area, such as Poly prep and Berkeley Carrol School, among others.

Let’s get moving!

Once you’ve found your home and are ready to put plans into action, it’s time to find a mover to help transport your belongings. This process could be painful as you look up different movers, make phone calls, leave voice mails, and embark on a dance of back and forth, but there is another way!

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